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Pastor Training & Church Growth
World Harvest Church in Kenya 

HHH has been working with World Harvest Mission Church in Kenya since 2004. Last year we partnered with them to help train pastors and build disciples in Africa to reach all five East African nations with the Gospel. This year for the first time we will be working in Uganda as well as Kenya. Our new partner from Uganda who has joined the East Africa calling is New Hope Africa Children Ministries.  


Together HHH, WHMC, and NHACM will begin plans to send missionaries to Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. When we first went to Kenya, we were twelve HHH missionaries from the United States. Now we collectively have over 80 missionaries working, most of them are native African Christians.


Primary Contact: Michael Nthiga





Bio-Sand Water Filters


His Healing Hands added Clean Water Systems to our ministry in 2008 as part of expanding our ministry from just disease treatment to disease prevention. The first step was to become formally affiliated with a God centered ministry headed up by Pastor Louis Julian. Pastor Louis has been providing Village size bio-sand water filters for remote villages in South East Asia for several years. We have worked together with him on several disaster relief projects in areas like Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Cambodia. This natural method of providing clean water is inexpensive, sustainable, duplicable, and easy to maintain. All of the basic materials are available near the local villages and the filters can be constructed with local labor in less than a week.

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